The Smart Spa.

The new Whirlcare Smart Spa is the beginning of a completely new era of spas. Equipped with the latest technologies and innovations – relaxing has never been that easy! Your wellness dreams will come true!

The Smart Spa is the first intelligent and interactive spa of the world. The integrated smart control offers you a wellness experience at the highest level! Immerse yourself into a whole new world of ‘whirling’ and discover the numerous highlights and wellness features.

The new Smart Spa comes standard with extras you have never seen in any other spa! With the Whirlcare Smart Spa you get your perfect wellness oasis for your own four walls! We are sure, you will be thrilled!

Experience the first spa …

… that you can control using your voice,

Finally, you can control your spa while relaxing. Your voice makes it possible! Whether you want to regulate massages, add an aroma, change the colour of the light or open and close the cover – the Smart Spa does all this and much more using voice command!

… that is an active part of your Smart Home,

The Smart Spa can easily be integrated into your existing Smart Home system. Want to prepare your Whirlcare for ‘whirling’ from the living room, or control the heating while you’re out and about? No problem! Simply connect your Smart Spa to your other devices!

… that keeps you fit with Smart Health,

The Whirlcare Smart Spa knows what is good for you. Using the heart rate measurement on your smartwatch, you can check, which massage and light settings help you best to relax.

… that lets you enjoy music streaming,

With the Smart Spa, you never have to miss out on your favourite music while whirling! Using the intelligent combination of innovative voice input, powerful speakers and integrated WiFi, you have access to all your music streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music and much more!

… & that helps you to completely relax!

It can be that easy to just switch off ! The Whirlcare Smart Spa transports you to a well-earned holiday! Warm water, great massages, the simple voice-activated control and the many other features turn your Smart Spa into your personal wellness oasis!

High-End Features.

The Smart Spa includes numerous other features that make your wellness experience unforgettable! The Whirlcare Smart Spa offers you many features as standard that other providers charge extra for, or do not offer at all.

Wellness Massages.

The Whirlcare Smart Spa gives you a very special type of massage experience. The premium massage jets are positioned in such a way that all important problem zones can be reached. It massages muscles and parts of the body that are strained, to relax you specifically in these areas.

Back, hip and lower spine massage

A multitude of hydrojets ensures a completely massage of the back, hip and tailbone areas. This helps you to relax particularly well. The jets have been developed especially for the treatment of back pain and tension.

Hand and carpal tunnel massage

There are special jets for your arms and hands on the left and right sides of the loungers. With this massage, you can prevent carpal tunnel syndrome or assist healing and rehabilitation after surgery.

Foot arch and reflex zone massage

Life is better when your feet are relaxed! A foot zone reflex massage ensures pleasant relaxation and physical well-being. This is supplemented by a built-in foot arch massage.

Volcano jet chest and stomach massage

In addition, the Smart Spa has a powerful volcano jet which massages you, depending on your posture, in the abdomen, chest and shoulder areas. Ideal for the body regions, which are often neglected in conventional massages.

Leg and calf massages

Both of the massage loungers have a double leg and calf massage, which provide additional benefits. Painful legs and calves brought on, for example by wearing high heels or playing intensive sport, are massaged intensively and effectively.

Neck and shoulder massage

You can have an intensive neck and shoulder massage in the ergonomically designed captain’s seat. This is a good way to release very presitent tension in the neck and shoulder area.

Smart Voice Control.

With the integrated Alexa voice control, you can easily control your Smart Spa. Lie relaxed in the warm water and adjust the hydrojets, the light color, your favorite music and many more functions only with your voice!

  • Open/close the spa cover …
  • Switch Smart Spa on/off …
  • Control the jets …
  • Change the massage strength …
  • Switch airblower on/off …

  • Listen to music …

  • Change the light colour …
  • Add fragrance to the water …
  • Set a timer for the optimal wellness time …
  • Get information like the weather forecast …
  • and many more!

Striking Design.

The Whirlcare Smart Spa is captivating with its modern design, clear lines and exciting details. To match your Smart Spa perfectly to your garden or furnishing style, you can choose from a very wide variety of diff erent materials and patterns, and more than 200 colours to suit your needs. The ergonomically shaped designer pillows are also available in diff erent colours, making your spa complete. With the Whirlcare Smart Spa you will have an absolute eye-catcher at home. Your neighbours and friends will be jealous for sure!

The innovation hotspot Baden-Württemberg

Whirlcare is the spa brand from Baden-Württemberg. The region of Germany where Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz invented the car, and famous ersonalities such as Albert Einstein, Robert Bosch and Ferdinand Porsche were born and acted, has always been a haven for tinkers and thinkers. Even today, the state boasts high-quality products and technical innovations – including in the wellness area. Whirlcare develops and manufactures state-of-the-art spas with the most sophisticated technology. Out of principle, with every model we off er a higher level of equipment and more advantages than conventional spas.

Our quality promise 4.0

The new Whirlcare Smart Spa is true German workmanship, and sets new standards for innovation, technology and quality. The Smart Spa is developed and designed in Germany. It is produced in one of the most modern factories, which was developed in accordance with the principle «Industry 4.0». All production steps are digitally monitored and controlled. We also place great importance on the quality of our components, we develop special parts such as the Smart Spa Control ourselves. In keeping with the slogan «Designed and made in Germany», we demonstrate our commitment to the highest quality standards, with your satisfaction as our ultimate goal!

Green Tech.

We take responsibility for our environment. Whirlcare stands for the gentle use of resources, a production based on the latest fi ndings of climate protection and thorough recycling of the components. We produce spas with a clear conscience, in the knowledge that we
conserve the maximum energy and make you happy for a long time.

Our high performance insulation Isogreen

To retain heat in your Smart Spa, and thus avoid high electricity costs, we use the innovative high-performance insulation Isogreen for heat insulation. It is chemically and biologically neutral, CFC, HCFC and HFC free and even recyclable! 50 % fewer raw materials are required for the production of our insulation than for conventional insulation. It is also very resistant to ageing and weather. Infra-red absorbers and refl ectors prevent your spa water from cooling down quickly, which automatically reduces your energy costs.

Our five water care programs

With our fi ve water care programs you can adjust the fi lter and temperature settings of your Smart Spa before using it. This makes saving electricity and money easy!

Not at home

Your Smart Spa is always on energy saving mode, the temperature is reduced.

Starter Mode

The energy saving mode is completely switched off , the fi lter resumes the basic settings.

Energy Saver

Only during the week in peak hours your Smart Spa is in energy saving mode, during the weekend it heats up.

Super Energy Saver

The energy saver mode is switched on every day of the week.


Your Whirlcare is in energy saving mode every week day and heats up at the weekend.

WHIRLCARE Smart Spa 732 Excellence

The first interactive spa of the world

The Whirlcare Smart Spa 732 Excellence off ers space for up to five people on two loungers and three seats. It has 120 hydro jets, ten air jets, six vibrating rollerball water jets and a volcano jet. Its numerous wellness features make it our most high-end spa, which will make your wellness dreams come true!

  • Interactive voice control
  • Interface connection to both your smartwatch and your smartphone
  • Intelligent seating and usage detection
  • Worldwide app control with WiFi function
  • High-quality surround sound system

  • Digital aroma chamber system

  • Gentle Soft Skin technology/Oxygen

  • Individually adjustable jets

  • 27 individual massage programs

  • Fully automatic cover

236 × 236 × 92 cm

... über 16 Millionen weitere Farben zur Auswahl.

Experience the color diversity!

About us

Whirlcare Industries

We at Whirl­care have made it our goal to write his­tory with our unique whirlpool spa baths. Only the best is good enough for us, so we at­tach great im­por­tance to in­no­va­tion and al­ways of­fer more than most providers. As one of a few whirlpool man­u­fac­tur­ers, we pro­duce and man­u­fac­ture mod­els based on the lat­est find­ings and tech­ni­cal op­tions for ther­a­peu­tic pri­vate use. Whirl­care of­fers a higher level of equip­ment and more ad­van­tages than con­ven­tional whirlpool spa baths with op­tional ac­ces­sories. Many of the tech­ni­cal de­sign fea­tures can be sought in vain with other man­u­fac­tur­ers, as many fea­tures are cur­rently only re­alised by Whirl­care.